Random Rambling – time flies

When Reindeer was 5-weeks old, we attended our first baby group session. We were very tired and not entirely with it, but it was lovely to meet other parents. It was especially nice to have cake!

Reindeer was the youngest baby in the group by several months, but they will all be in the same year group when they begin schooling, which feels very far away at the moment.

The other parents were great with our questions and understood exactly where we were at just then. Watching as their 6-9 month old babies sat up, played with the treasure baskets and crawled around, we couldn’t imagine Reindeer doing that.

Yesterday, Reindeer sat up, played with the treasure baskets and interacted with another baby for the first time. It felt very surreal – no time at all seems to have passed since he would just lie there calmly taking it all in. There are other babies in the group now too and I can’t quite seem to remember Reindeer being that small. It is absolutely awful the way the memories fade so fast, no matter how hard you’ve tried and how much you’ve wanted to remember every moment.

Time literally has flown.

Today I noticed that the way he plays has changed too – he’s more focussed, trying more new toys, wanting to do everything at once. I made my own ‘treasure basket’ today using some kitchen utensils, soft toys and other bits from the toy box. Initial favourites were a potato masher shaped like a boot print and a cup which he will use when he’s older. The funniest moment was when he picked up the children’s rolling pin and, in the course of waving it around, appeared to attack Mr Monocular with it. I should probably explain at this point that Mr Monocular is a stuffed toy which looks part bear, part owl and wholly something the like of which has never existed in nature. He also jingles and crinkles, much to my son’s delight.

The other change is that he now sits up in the bath. Tonight he was playing with a boat and a bath book, another new experience. It sounds like a small thing but it isn’t for him; he has suddenly become so desperate to sit up all the time he gets very frustrated if he can’t.

Now he sits so much he doesn’t feel quite like a baby any more and part of me is a bit sad, feeling as though we’re saying goodbye to those days already. Most of me is happy though. Watching him master each new skill is great fun and every day brings new experiences for us to share. For a person who has never categorised themselves as being particularly emotional, I feel as though some sort of emotional floodgates have opened since Reindeer’s arrival. It makes me feel very vulnerable, but I don’t think I would change it for anything.


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