Week 27 – weaning day 2

Well, weaning certainly isn’t what I expected!

Today Reindeer was a bit more interested in the food he was offered – carrot, parsnip and sweet potato sticks for lunch. He went so far as to pick up and lick a couple of them.

This is a huge improvement on yesterday when he poked the banana slice then gave us a look that seemed to say ‘why are you feeding me slugs?’!

At one point I held a parsnip stick for him and he sucked the end for a while. Some went into his mouth and he mashed it about a bit but, when it came to swallowing, he gagged it back at me.

He also wanted to have the spoon with the mashed parsnip on, managing to get the correct end to his mouth. He didn’t want to eat this though, instead he flicked the contents across the floor!

Still, as I say, progress 🙂

Although we are trying baby-led weaning, I’m considering giving him some of my porridge in the morning, just to see if he does better at breakfast time.

Mainly though I have the sneaking suspicion that breast milk on demand is just a little bit too convenient and fuss-free for him to be ready to give it up in a hurry…


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