Week 27 – firsts

Today we had two firsts in our house: teething and weaning.

Just before lunchtime, Reindeer cut his very first tooth! It was one of the front bottom teeth and I was slightly surprised to see the blood produced, even though I was expecting it. He didn’t seem to be distressed, but was obviously in some discomfort as he spent a lot of the day being quite clingy and was biting down on his gums a lot.

When I had a look there was just the top edge peeping through the gum. The tooth next to it also seems to be on the cusp, so I suspect we have a few more days of discomfort ahead of us.

The other (attempted) first was weaning. We thought we’d finally try Reindeer with some solids as he’s been desperate to eat for weeks now. Despite having read up on weaning, spoken to the health visitor and received a cooking lesson from my mum, I was actually really nervous when we decided to get on with it. Part of me was (and still is a bit) convinced that Bad Things Will Happen. This is probably because if I ever have a bad dream in which I die, I either drown or choke.

Anyway, we’ve opted to try baby-led weaning and so presented Reindeer with some chunks of banana. I’d assumed that he’d be straight in, trying to eat it in one bite. Instead, he gave it a very suspicious look, touched it with one hand and recoiled from the texture. For the next thirty minutes he kept looking at it and, occasionally, poking at it, but didn’t want to eat it. I put some mashed on a spoon to see if he’d prefer it that way, but he tasted it and spat it out, refusing the next offer of the spoon. I left the spoon on his tray for him to play with; eventually, he threw it on the floor. I also tried a couple of pieces of carrot on his tray but he didn’t want those either, although he did at least lick the carrot.

Having been nervous and excited about weaning, this was quite the anti-climax! I don’t know if it was due to bad timing with his tooth coming through or whether being on the amoxicillin last week has given him bad associations with banana-y flavours. Perhaps he was just being your average baby?

Tomorrow we will be offering him finger food again. This time Reindeer will be at the table with us when we eat (we didn’t do this today as I wanted all my attention to be focussed on him) and he will be offered some of the same foods as us. Since he’s usually wanting what everyone else is eating this may make the difference and encourage him to try something.

The next few days are going to be very interesting ones!


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