Week 26 -sleep fighter

Good grief, I’ve never seen Reindeer so tired and yet so determined to stay awake!

Since about 3.30pm he’s been rubbing his eyes and cuddling into my chest, before forcing himself upright again. I really wanted him to sleep he looked so exhausted. So we walked him, sang to him and swayed a lot. This was despite the fact it was getting late, just because he looked so worn out.

Unaffected by our best efforts, Reindeer was still awake at his usual bath time so we went ahead as planned and he fell asleep at the end. Hurrah!

Watching him on the monitor he looks to be sleeping peacefully just now. This is no mean feat given that he is currently teething – his front four look like they’re well on the way.

The weird bit about all this is that he wasn’t grumpy during this performance – even between his bath and getting into bed he was laughing at/with us. If I was that tired I’d be on my knees sobbing and begging to be allowed to go to bed.

I will never understand babies 🙂



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