Random Rambling – maternity leave

Today I plucked up the courage to tell my employer that I’m going to take the full twelve months of maternity leave.

That sounds a bit dramatic but this is huge for me as I didn’t think I’d want to be away from work for so long; partly because I didn’t know what to expect and partly because so many female colleagues told me I’d quickly get bored looking after a baby. How wrong we all were!

Reindeer is such good company! He’s happy, contented, funny and developing faster than I could have imagined. The reality now is that I need him even more than he needs me; I need to see him grow and develop. I need to be there not just for his firsts but also for all that follows. Nothing in my job gives me such happiness as he does and I love my job!

Hopefully my return to work date will soon be confirmed for the summer and I can begin the next stage of my planning: returning to work on either compressed or fewer hours…


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