Week 26 – photographs

Before Reindeer was born, friends often told us that the time would fly past and we’d quickly forget the baby stage. I decided then that I would try and document the early days as best I could.

The result is several hundred photographs, at least one per day since he was born (barring three days). Today I’ve looked back at pictures from week 2 and week 14 – the changes are amazing, particularly when I compare them to the Reindeer sat beside me! Being with him 24-7 since birth I hadn’t really noticed the changes at the time, they’ve been so gradual.

Mostly though I’ve tried to capture his expressions; he has a very mobile face and such a great range of expressions. In particular he has an ‘old man’ face which I love, but is quite rare. Tonight at bath time he started making that face and I was fortunate enough to have the camera handy 🙂

It is these expressions and memories that I want to preserve, I don’t want ever to forget how Reindeer has looked, changed and grown. Quite how I’ll keep and use these pictures I don’t know, a montage perhaps?

But I do know that they are now my most treasured possessions.

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