Week 25 – speech

Although Reindeer is some months away from his first recognisable and deliberate speech, he has recently begun to change the way he produces sounds.

His first ‘ah-goo’ sounds were from the throat only and delightfully cute in how they were drawn out if he was happier or shorter if he was tired.

Now, he has a new set of sounds – much louder and longer. Reindeer appears to be singing, but as he makes these sounds he is flexing his jaw and working it around the noise he is making. He also seems to have breaks in the sound, possibly mimicking the sentences he hears as people speak to, and around, him.

What this movement appears to do is to give him a greater range and control over the sound. No recognisable consonants just yet but very interesting to watch.

The added bonus is that this movement allows me a sneaky peak into his mouth to check whether any of those pesky teeth are making an appearance yet – surely there must be some soon, he’s producing enough saliva to drown a small country!


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