Week 25 – poorly

One of the stranger things people told us as we prepared for parenthood was ‘you’ll become obsessed with poo!’. Our response was along the lines of ‘pull the other one, it’s got bells on’.

Now we need to eat those words.

Over the last few days we have, indeed, been obsessed with poo. Reindeer has doubled the number of dirty nappies produced each day and changed the colour of his outputs from yellow to green. Both bizarre and concerning. A call to the health visitor has narrowed the cause down to teething or a virus.

On top of this he has developed a cold, so is basically a poorly little chap just now.

The health visitor has advised an early night for the parents as it might be a long one.

He was very clingy today and, while it is always nice to cuddle up, I really would benefit from a decent sleep. And no night-time nappy changes.

Here’s hoping for a better night all round and a much healthier and happier Reindeer tomorrow!


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