Week 25 – the little things

I know there is a world of advice out there about whether or not you should allow your baby to suck their thumb, but there was something slightly wonderful today when I realised that Reindeer suddenly started sucking his thumb properly.

Previously he’s just been putting as many fingers as possible into his mouth all at the same time. Now he’s putting in just his thumb and delightfully curling the rest of his fingers in the classic pose!

If you’d told me a year ago that this would make me happy, I’d’ve thought you were slightly mad. Now, with the benefit of five months of parenting behind me, I’m celebrating every little advancement. I finally understand how special it is when you go from watching him at four weeks of age, missing his mouth completely, to seeing him now achieve his aim without effort.

It is a little thing but, I’ve come to realise that with parenting, it is the little things that really matter.


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