Week 25 – mornings are hard

Sleep deprivation is, for me, the worst part of parenting. After several nights in a row of less than 5 hours of broken sleep and several days in a row of less than one hour of broken sleep I am absolutely exhausted.

This morning Reindeer was awake just after six, although he didn’t really want a feed until 6.20am. But I was awake too, knowing it wouldn’t be long. I hoped I could get him back to sleep but, after another 20 minutes, he filled his nappy. And that was that. No more rest.

I’m writing this feeling happy and incredibly blessed as I listen to my son gurgle and chatter as he plays next to me on his activity gym. But I’m also crying a little because I’m so tired it is gradually sucking the joy out of what should be such a great time.

I know we’d both feel better for more sleep but I genuinely don’t know how to achieve that for us. Will be doing a lot of googling today methinks!

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