Week 24 -a long day

Although blessed with a baby who generally sleeps well at night, the last few nights have been a little challenging (we think this may be due to a growth spurt?). Last night was probably the worst.

He cried twice after going to bed in the evening, really sad sobs – both times without waking up. We cuddled him, soothed him and then had to be very very gentle in putting him back into his cot as he seemed to be hyper-aware of lying on the mattress.

During the night he had two feeds and then I had to go in twice more, not to pick him up or soothe him, but to move a scratch mitt that was annoying him, then adjust his position to a more comfortable one.

He was still somewhat unsettled and his sounds kept me awake – nobody warns you how noisily newborns sleep! Eventually I was so tired I kept waking myself up because I’d forgotten that I’d finished feeding and was back in bed and was panicking that I’d smothered him with the duvet.

As a result of all this, today has been a bit of a slog. Reindeer has been a little clingier and quieter than usual. He only had two naps in the day, each less than 35 minutes, and was rubbing his eyes like crazy all through our bath and bed routine. Luckily he has a happy and contented personality so didn’t really become fussy, just a little less interested in things.

My day has therefore also been quite long. Compounded by the fact that I’d agreed to go running this afternoon. Since the weather was cats and dogs all morning I became quite optimistic that it would be postponed. Alas, the weather cleared and we had our run during a lovely sunset at the local nature park.

Now I, too, am exhausted. An early dinner, shower and bed are in the offing. Here’s hoping for a more restful night all round!


8 thoughts on “Week 24 -a long day

    1. Thank you! If it wasn’t for my husband encouraging me and rearranging his schedule to be with Reindeer I don’t think it would happen. But 10 months of sleep deprivation sounds gruelling – I hope you’re holding up OK. Is your little one teething a lot or generally not keen on sleep?


      1. I guess you don’t get much rest in the day either then? Do you get any time/space to recharge your batteries a little in the evenings? Your daughter must have a lot of energy to manage on just a little sleep!
        Baby sleep is a mystery to me, it seems to be so random why one child will sleep like a log while the other will cry for hours (looking at my nephews here)!
        Yes, he’s being great ☺


      2. No, I work full time and have a 14 year old daughter as well. I am also a single mom so my few minutes of quiet time are 9-9:30 after both girls are in bed. My oldest slept great from about 6 weeks on & still loves her sleep. The youngest is so completely different.


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