Week 24 – day out

Once a month Reindeer and I meet up with my sister and her youngest son for a day out. Usually this is somewhere outdoors-y as my nephew is nearly 3-years-old and has HUGE amounts of energy. He adores Reindeer and refers to him always as ‘Baby Reindeer’, a name which will probably still be in use when they are in their 80’s!

Today we visited Anglesey Abbey, a National Trust property with some lovely gardens. We were joined by our Aunt, which made it an extra special meet-up as she’s only recently returned to the UK after working abroad for several years.

Although it was a cold day (below five degrees celsius) I decided that, rather than leave Reindeer in his pram, I’d use the Didymos wrap that I’ve just borrowed from our local sling library; I thought it would give me a chance to really test it out and allow Reindeer to see much more of what’s happening as he’s so curious about the world around him.

We had a lovely day and during our walk Reindeer remained as snug as a bug in a rug. About halfway through he fell asleep, which seemed to be a sure sign that he was warm and comfortable, despite my worries.

At lunchtime I tried Reindeer in one of the high-chairs provided by the café; he hadn’t been in one like this before but managed to sit happily in it. His cousin sat beside him and, whilst not paying attention to his sandwich, Reindeer nearly managed to grab it – weaning can’t come quickly enough for him!

Watching him sat at the table with us, I realised that this time really does go far too quickly. Yesterday at baby group we met a mother with her 2-week-old son. Despite there being only 6oz difference in weight from Reindeer at that age, I just couldn’t remember him being that size – it is shocking how quickly the memories fade. I guess parenting just makes you ‘live in the moment’ to a greater degree than before.

I’m looking forward to our day out next month, although we don’t know where we’re going yet. By then Reindeer should be eating, as well as sitting, with us and will probably have developed a whole host of new tricks (and maybe some teeth?!). It will likely seem a blink of an eye before the boys are running around together!


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