Week 24 – What not to say

Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps

Unless you are planning to watch said baby for the exhausted parents, do not even consider uttering this line.

Parents need sleep, yes. They also need to buy food, prepare it, eat it, wash up, use the toilet, shower and wash their clothes. This cannot all be done whilst baby sleeps and is also pretty important.

Reindeer has never been that bothered about sleeping during the day. In the first couple of months he would mostly do this in my arms – no chance to do anything there! Since month three the amount of sleep has tailed off to between one and two hours per day. In two-three naps of between 20 minutes and (if you’re very very lucky) one hour.

Today was one nap of 15 minutes, one of 10 minutes and one of 30 minutes.

Power napping  (a ten-twenty minute nap during the day for adults) works if you have enough sleep at night. It does not work if you have 4.5 hours of broken sleep. Believe me, I’ve tried this. I’ve finally realised that unless I’m so tired I’m swaying on the spot it is best to just push through and try to get better sleep at night.

This doesn’t stop me being annoyed by people who rattle off this phrase with no thought as to how it might be practically accomplished. I know you are trying to be helpful, but please, think before you speak!


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