Week 24 – 5 things that make it all worthwhile

I’ve never been a particularly emotional person on the outside, but this doesn’t mean I don’t feel things deeply. Before becoming a parent I couldn’t really imagine what it would be like or why people were so pleased to be parents, especially when all they seem to do is complain about it!

Here are five things, just from today, which made me understand why:

  1. Reindeer’s face lighting up when I went to his room first thing this morning
  2. His laugh when I pulled a silly face for him
  3. The happy dance he did when I went to pick him up
  4. His smile when he caught my eye
  5. The way he snuggled into my neck when he was tired

Any one of these images is enough to make me smile and there are so many more great memories I haven’t listed. I’m so happy right now that I may burst!


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