Random Ramblings – shopping for car seats

This weekend I made a massive tactical blunder; I decided that we would spend the day shopping for a car seat as Reindeer has almost outgrown his Group 0 Maxi-Cosi. On a Saturday. In the nearest city.

This is what baby-brain does to you.

Having researched car seats we’d narrowed our list down to five Group 0+/1/2 seats. All of these offer extended rear facing (up to 18kg) which we’re keen to have as it appears to be much safer:

  • Joie i-Anchor
  • Concord Reverso
  • Britax Dualfix
  • Britax Max-Fix
  • Maxi-Cosi 2-way Pearl

As luck would have it, all five were available at one shop in this city! So, off we merrily went. Pretty soon it became obvious that every other parent in a 100 mile radius had decided to do the same thing. There was a queue miles deep just to talk to the staff and get a demo of the seats, let alone for trying to buy one.

Deciding that we might not get to see someone until Reindeer was ready to pass his driving test and get a car of his own, we abandoned the attempt and headed into the rest of town.

As we were driving we started discussing the cost of seats in the store. The five seats on the list range from £175 to £400 – quite a variation and none of them cheap. The more we thought about it the more confused we became: how is it that something which is essential for the safety of a child can be so expensive? In some cases, more expensive than a car? We still haven’t managed to figure it out.

We were lucky with our Group 0 seat – it was third-hand after two of Reindeer’s cousins had finished with it, so cost us nothing. But the more I see of children’s ‘essentials’, the more I understand why people say that kids are a money pit. But I’m not sure it is the kids who are to blame.


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