Random Rambling – weaning

We’re looking at beginning the weaning process in a couple of weeks. In preparation for this I’ve been reading up on the subject, an activity which made me rather nervous. There seem to be so many different ways of approaching this event.

Having read the literature, my instincts are saying try Baby Led Weaning (BLW); this is where you give the baby normal food from day one – no purées, no mushing up of food and no preparing two separate dinners. Those that know me will realise this is good because I (1) cannot cook and (2) have enough difficulty picking just one meal for us each day!

There’s no doubt that Reindeer is ready to wean – every bite I eat is avidly watched from plate to mouth by a baby with enormous eyes and a very drooly mouth, to a soundtrack of smacking lips.

We invited the Health Visitor over to chat about weaning; we wanted to talk through the information and to sense check that we weren’t about to make a horrible mistake. Thankfully, she was very supportive and we seem to be on track. I’m actually looking forward to this now as it seems to be more about play and less about food.

Some things I’ve learned today from the HV are:

  1. They say six months because that is when the digestive system is ready for solids
  2. The sucking action which has been used for feeding thus far is beginning to lessen so baby is ready to try different ways of getting food
  3. Breast milk will still be the main source of most nutrients for now so it doesn’t matter if they don’t eat a lot to begin with
  4. Baby can try spicy food (but beware the nappy which follows it!)
  5. Avoid peanuts, apple and grapes until they are at least one year old
  6. Make from scratch to keep the salt levels down
  7. They will spit a lot to begin with but you’ll get used to it

With this in mind we’re now armed with a plastic sheet for the floor and an all over plastic apron for Reindeer. I’m just wondering whether to invest in plastic sheets for us too…


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