Week 24 – developing

Reindeer’s favourite toy since about four weeks of age has been a wooden safari animal mobile. Once we realised how much he liked it we hung it in the centre of the living room. This has led to quite a few accidents for the adults in the household.

But, Reindeer was transfixed with it and became quite animated when we spun it for him. Once he started to make his first sounds he reserved a lot of these for the mobile, continuing to gurgle and coo for as long as we could turn it. Likewise once he started to laugh the mobile would make him really happy.

In the last couple of days he’s suddenly realised that he can interact with the mobile. If I walk him near it he can hold, push or wiggle the giraffe which will set off the rest of the animals in the mobile. He is ecstatic about this and now wants to be taken near it pretty much every time he sees it!

It is fun to watch him develop in relation to this mobile – he is able to show off many of the new skills he is learning with it and it is really amazing to see. It feels that this mobile is the one thing which really highlights to us how quickly he is learning and adapting. Great fun but slightly worrying as I wonder how we’re going to stay one step ahead once he’s crawling…

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