Week 23 – sleep

This has been a pretty mixed week as far as sleep goes.

From about eight weeks, Reindeer was waking one or two times in the night and, mostly, going back to sleep as soon as he’d fed. At about 16 weeks he dropped to one night feed and a couple of times even went the whole 12 hours without waking!

Just before Christmas he caught a cold which took a little while to shift. As a result his sleeping regressed – even more when he had a couple of nights teething (no teeth to show for it though – meh). So, we’re back at the two+ feeds stage, but now he doesn’t necessarily go back to sleep straightaway – some nights it can take up to an hour each time.

I’ve just come from putting him to bed for the night and we had a pretty relaxed bath-bed routine. Once he fell asleep after his feed, I just cuddled him for a little while as he looked so peaceful. All of a sudden he started laughing in his sleep. He’s done this a couple of times before, but tonight it was a proper chuckle – whatever he was dreaming of it was making him happy 🙂

I feel really pleased about this because, since becoming a parent, I’ve felt guilty about things most days, e.g., I was tired this morning and so not particularly smiley with him; I had to call a service provider whilst playing with him yesterday so couldn’t give him my full attention; he scratched his head on my glasses frame, etc.

Watching him so happy and peaceful I realise that we must be doing something right and so I’m breathing a little easier as I wind down for the night.


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