Random Ramblings – tips and advice

Over the last few months we’ve been on the receiving end of some very good advice. We’ve also come up with a few tricks of our own along the way. Here are some you may find helpful too:

  • You Can’t Spoil A Baby: Babies only have needs, not wants, so don’t be afraid to go to them as soon as they cry. Give them all the love and attention you can – it will pay dividends for you all as they grow
  • Projectile Poo (we found this out the hard way!): Your beautiful baby will projectile poo in the middle of a nappy change at 3am. Get an incontinence sheet (the hospital may send you home with some), secure one end under the changing mat and peg the other to your collar. This will prevent you, and the rest of the nursery, being coated in poo and needing a deep clean at stupid o’clock
  • Stain Removal (from my Mum): Keep a Vanish bar by the bathroom sink – using this immediately after clothes are covered in unmentionable fluids will prevent staining those beautiful babygrows
  • You Can’t Over-Wind A Baby (from the Midwife Support Worker): Don’t be afraid to spend 10 minutes winding if needed, it is worth it in the long run

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