Week 23 – rolling

After weeks of not being overly interested in rolling over, Reindeer is now rolling every time he is put in his cot.

Every. Single. Time.

He does this by walking himself along the cot bars.

This is obviously great in terms of mobility but also quite frightening as, during the night, I look on the monitor and see he is heading for his tummy and is contorting quite impressively to get there in his sleep.

As a new parent I’m worried; Should I let him get on with it? What if he can’t roll himself back? Should I turn him back over (the back-to-sleep campaign is there for a good reason)? What if I wake him up? What if I don’t?

I know from conversations with other parents that you Never Wake A Sleeping Baby, so what to do? I’ll let you know if I ever figure it out. For the time being I’m staring at the monitor and making regular forays to check all is OK. At this rate I’m not going to sleep through the night for what feels like a hundred years…


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